Panos Leledakis

Panagiotis Leledakis is the Founder & CEO of IFAAcademy- International Financial Architects.

 He studied at Kapodistrian University in the Law Department of the Athens Law School. He is a lawyer by trade but his heart and soul is well vested in the insurance industry. He started his career rather early in the insurance field in 1999, having been a distinguished executive at all levels, insurance consultant / MDRT member, unit manager, Branch Manager and since 2010 an independent Broker specialized in the field of Business Insurance.

He holds a specialty degree in insurance from American University TAC under the title Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow – LUTCF. He has also been certified in Small and Medium Enterprises Management and has attended a variety of sales, management and personal self-improvement seminars from Greece and abroad.

Since 2015 he continues his studies as Professional Risk Manager (PRM) Design in the world-renowned PRMIA – Professional Risk Management Association, Canada.

In 2009 he conceived the idea of implementing Risk Management science in the insurance market, managing insurance risks for individuals and businesses by creating in 2014 specialized innovative software and methodologies. These methodologies were awarded the 1st place in the Innovation Awards by the Employers’ and Industries – OEB of Cyprus.

The software received many distinctions from esteemed organizations such as MIT University (MIT Enterprise Forum), Chamber of Industrialists in Cyprus, Europe start-up awards and global “Get in the ring” competition.

Panagiotis has created two specialist Professional Certificates at the IFAAcademy – International Financial Architects team at Insurable Risk Management:

“IRMA – Individual Risk Management Architect”: for integrated training and certification of an intermediary insurance that manages individuals’ risks.

“BRMA – Business Risk Management Architect” : for integrated Ombudsman Insurance training and certification that manages business risks.

He has conducted extensive research for several years in neuroscience breakthroughs and the practical application of the integrated strategy of Digitalization & Internet Marketing in the insurance intermediary company. He has received the corresponding Professional Certificate “IPMA – Internet Prospecting & Marketing Architect” in the process.

Recently, IFAAcademy certification program was accredited by the University of Piraeus and promises to create a Certificate on “Insurable Risk Management” to recruit talented people into the global market for insurable risk management and elevate insurance profession in new heights.

IFAAcademy and the University of Piraeus collaborate to create a research center to incorporate the principles of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data into Insurable Risk Management.

Panagiotis served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Insurance Consultants for the years 2015 – 2019.

His vision is to contribute his efforts to elevate the insurance institution to the position it deserves and to turn the insurance consultant into a risk management scientist for individuals and businesses. Creating today’s professional of the future – the Insurance Risk Manager – a new specialty with huge growth margins in the modern economy.

"Οσο πιο έξυπνος είσαι τόσο πιο πολλά πρέπει να μαθεις "

                                       Don Herold

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