Celia Akrivi

Business development USA

She has been in the Information Technology business for 20 years. She currently holds the position of Business Development Manager with Promenet, an Information Technology Consulting firm specializing in Security Consulting located in New York City.

Celia is a qualified Information Technology Consultant with a strong business acumen specializing in Information Security. Her main focus is the rather strict and heavily regulated Financial Sector and she caters to some of the biggest logo’s in the industry.

She holds Cisco’s Specialist Certification in Digital Transformation in both Business Architecture and Customer Success.

As a Mathematics enthusiast she received her Bachelor’s in Statics and Actuarial Science from the University of Piraeus and continued her studies in NYU Stern where she obtained her Master’s in Business Analytics. She started her career early on in Greece. She held different position in the Greek Information Technology market until 2009 when she relocated in New York.

Throughout her career she has received numerous awards and distinctions and she has been nominated for three consecutive years for the “Forty under 40 Award” in Business.

Celia is an active member of the Greek Diaspora and Leadership 100 initiative.


"Οσο πιο έξυπνος είσαι τόσο πιο πολλά πρέπει να μαθεις "

                                       Don Herold

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